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Ecobliss Retail Packaging

Ecobliss eco-friendly cold seal packaging technology

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Cold seal packaging

The best retail packaging supplier for your product

Ecobliss Retail is a master in all the various possibilities that will make your product stand out on the shelf. In the development process of a new packaging solution everything is possible for your retail packaging, as long as it enhances your brand’s value and is likely to generate more sales by giving your product more shelf appeal.

Ecobliss Retail expertly tailors the packaging to your product and market.
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Ecobliss clamshell packaging

Clamshell packaging

Special protection and high theft resistance. This packaging for retail products is reclosable, free standing, theft secure and double-sided.
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Computer mouse in a cold seal packaging

Cold seal packaging

Sustainable, simple and efficient. Find out why 90% of our customers pick this winner in sustainability and production efficiency!
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Collection of Locked4Kids packaging


The world’s most versatile platform for child resistant and senior friendly packaging.
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Retail packaging machines

We offer an extensive range of packaging machines, specifically for blister packaging. Whether it is manual, semi-automatic or fully automated, Ecobliss Retail always has the right equipment for your packaging job.
Packaging machine
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Our webshop offers a wide range of standard packaging solutions. Find the right retail packaging supplies for your product!
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Ecobliss Retail vignette
From concept through delivery, the project represented more than a year of development. With your expertise, persistence, patience and dedication, we created a final product that exceeded all expectations!
North-American healthcare customer
The strength of Ecobliss is that Ecobliss understands the business needs of the customer and are able to use their supply network and supply chain management competences to fulfill those needs.
European retail customer
Without Ecobliss, the packaging would have been just a boring and ordinary packaging and the project would not have been as successful as it is today. We appreciate Ecobliss for its professionalism, technical solution and most importantly the passion on the product. The commitment was just immense and has been the base of our trust.
European retail customer
Ecobliss meets the high standards of quality and service that our company has been proud to bring to the North American Healthcare and Premium marketplace. Ecobliss is a valued partner and continues to support us as we navigate the complex marketplace.
North-American healthcare customer
Ecobliss proves to be The Smart Source. They deliver a steady and high level of integral performance. The expertise and know-how is of a very high standard. Ecobliss understands that nothing is static and proves every time its flexibility and willingness to find solutions for any new challenge.
European customer
Your special created card is just wonderful and can be used as a great door-opener in the US!
Retail packaging customer
Ecobliss have been an excellent partner in the design and manufacture of our product packaging! Communication is clear and concise to ensure the project was delivered in time and to the highest quality standards.
European retail customer
The integral quality of Ecobliss is very high. Whether it concerns the quality of the materials, the delivery reliability or the method of follow-up when something does not go quite right.
European personal care customer
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Why choose Ecobliss Retail Packaging?

Ecobliss expertly tailors the packaging to your product and market. Even at an early design phase, the packaging process is taken into consideration. Ecobliss Retail does not only design and manufacture blister packaging components, we can also provide packaging equipment, ranging from manually operated devices to fully automated packaging lines, including outer boxing and palletisation.


Our eco-friendly cold seal technology, which can be used for packaging your retail products, ensures that your packaging consists of sustainable components.

The packaging properties your customers demand

Ecobliss collaborates with you and offers expert guidance to deliver the precise retail packaging solutions your customers desire.
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Ecobliss, the Smart Source


  • Analysing
  • Designing and developing
  • Testing


  • Artwork and match proofing
  • Material sourcing
  • Tooling


  • Assembly
  • Sealing
  • Logistics

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