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Packaging machine

Packaging machines

The right equipment for your packaging job!
Icon endless possibilities
Endless possibilities
Tailor made and standard solutions.
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Easy in setup and use
Short setup time to start quickly.
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Comprehensive services
For any industry or market.

Shuttles for industrial applications

Heat seal shuttle type sealing machines are used for low to medium sized batches.

Rotaries for industrial applications

Cold & heat seal automatic and semi-automatic industrial rotary type sealing machines are used for medium to large sized batches.

Inlines for industrial applications

Industrial inline & carousel style blister assembly and sealing machines for large production output.
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Ecobliss blister and wallet sealing machines

Ecobliss, in conjunction with its partner Starview, offers an extensive range of packaging machines, especially for blister packaging. Whether manual, semi-automatic or fully automated, Ecobliss has the right equipment for your packaging job.

The possibilities are endless

Our machines can be fully adapted to your needs. Many options can be added to even extend those demands. Also, tailor made solutions based upon our existing machines can be realized. Possibilities are endless. Our machines guarantee a long-time trouble-free operation and are easy to use with short setup times, either for pharmaceutical or industrial applications.

Extensive knowledge

Packaging your product is an intense and elaborate process. The final result must be impeccable. The actual process has to be flawless. Ecobliss is very successful in delivering the best packaging for your product because it had extensive knowledge of the complete process, from development to realization and implementation. This knowledge doesn’t restrict itself to the packaging materials. Ecobliss has a genuine and in-depth know-how of machines and line-up in the packaging process.

A lot of variation

Additional to the easy process and the environmental advantages, the cold seal concept allows to give additional features to the packaging, like free standing packaging, dispenser function, multi-panel packaging and may other. Lat but not least, Ecobliss is the blister packaging expert who is capable of guiding you trough the development, who will perform the realization of the packaging components for you and who will supply the required equipment for your perfect implementation in your production process. We have listed several of the advantages in an overview. Contact us and let's see how Ecobliss can be of service to you.

We deliver and service the most complete line of standard and customized packaging machinery for:

  • Blister & Clamshell Packaging
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Skin Packaging and Die Cutting
  • Food Tray Packaging
  • Customized Packaging Equipment Solutions
  • Systems with Automation and Integration
  • Stretch Pak Packaging
  • Thermoforming / Vacuum Forming

Guidance and execution

Ecobliss expertly and successfully guides and executes the packaging processes of companies of all sizes in all industries around the world. With comprehensive supporting services, Ecobliss provides an integrated approach to both traditional and innovative packaging projects. We do this using our three-step business model of Development, Realisation and Implementation.

Contact the team

Our team is fine blend of knowledge, experience and eagerness. Give them a call or let them call you back at a convenient time for you by sending a message.
Wim Henk Stoppkotte

Wim Henk Stoppkotte

Gianni Linssen

Gianni Linssen

Bas De Gooijer

Bas De Gooijer


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