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Stock blister packaging

A wide range of clamshell stock blisters, readily available.
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A wide range from stock

Clamshell blisters are among the most successful blister types available in today’s market. Ecobliss stock blisters and PET-boxes are easy to use and offer perfect product protection. They are typically easy to open and re-close, but clamshell blisters can also be sealed to achieve excellent theft protection. Together with a printed insert card, a stock blister forms a perfect high-visibility presentation on the shelf.

A clamshell blister packaging that suits your product

Ecobliss has designed a range of standard blisters which you will find in this webshop. If you are not able to find a suitable blister for your product, Ecobliss offers the unique possibility of customising the standard blisters that are available in our assortment. We have the low-cost solution for a perfectly fitting blister for your product. If you want to learn more about the option of customising a standard blister, please contact us.

PET boxes from stock

PET boxes are often used because they add a lot of ‘gift value’ to products. Your product is 100% visible inside a PET box. Combined with a custom-made printed insert card to display product and brand information, a PET box creates a highly attractive presentation.

Environmentally friendly stock blisters

The stock blister packaging Ecobliss offers is environmentally friendly, as it is all recyclable. After opening the pack, customers can separate the plastic, of which the clamshell stock blisters and PET boxes are made, easily from the paper or paper board insert cards or box interiors. Standard Ecobliss clamshell blisters are made of recyclable transparent PET GAG. The standard PET boxes are made of recyclable transparent A-PET.

Shipping by the box throughout Europe and the U.K.

All our packages are shipped in full boxes. This means we can usually already determine the shipping costs of our stock blisters at the time of checkout. Therefore, no pre- or repackaging needs to be done before shipping.

The benefits of stock blister packaging

Stock blister packaging has gained significant popularity in various industries due to its numerous benefits. From retail products to pharmaceuticals, stock blisters offer several advantages that make it an ideal choice for your product. A few benefits of stock blister packaging are:

Product visibility and protection: stock blister packaging provides excellent product visibility, allowing consumers to see the product clearly before making a purchase - from automotive products to pharmaceuticals. The transparent plastic blister protects the product from damage, such as scratches, dust, and moisture. Thus, ensuring that the product remains in pristine condition until it reaches the customer's hands.

Tamper-evident packaging: sealed stock blister packs are tamper-evident, providing an added layer of security for products. You can even add different types of security tags. The sealed blister prevents tampering and unauthorized access, giving consumers confidence in the integrity of the product they are purchasing. 

Enhanced branding and marketing: with stock blister packaging, you have the opportunity to enhance your branding efforts. The backing card can be custom printed with the company logo, product information and attractive graphics. This creates a visually appealing package that grabs attention and reinforces brand recognition.

Increased shelf life: stock blisters offer excellent protection against external elements, such as air, light and moisture, extending the shelf life of products. This is particularly beneficial for items that are sensitive to environmental factors or require long-term storage.

Ease of display and merchandising: stock blister packaging is designed for easy display on store shelves or hanging displays. They often come with built-in hangers or hooks, allowing retailers to showcase your products attractively. The clear visibility of the product and its packaging also facilitates effective merchandising, because it helps customers make informed purchase decisions.

Our webshop offers a huge range of standard packaging solutions. Nevertheless, sometimes standard solutions will not do the job. In that case, Ecobliss is able to offer custom-made solutions.
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