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Ecobliss clamshell packaging

Clamshell Packaging

Does your product require special protection or high theft resistance? Use our clamshell packaging blisters!
Icon protection
Your product is fully enclosed.
Icon theft resistance
Theft resistant
Clamshell packaging containers are the ultimate solution against theft.
Icon product visibility
Product visibility
Your product is 100% visible in the clamshell packaging.

Perfect product protection

Clamshell blisters are among the most successful blister types available in today’s market. They are easy to use and offer perfect product protection. Clamshell blisters typically are easy to open and re-close, but clamshell blisters can also be sealed to achieve excellent theft protection. Together with a printed insert card a thermoformed blister is a perfect high-visibility presentation on the shelf.
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Safe and protected with clamshell packaging

Ecobliss standard clamshell blisters are an effective packaging solution for products of a variety of shapes and sizes. The closing mechanism, hanging hole and elevated base for a printed insert card make it an ideal solution for small to medium sized packaging runs for retail.

Theft secure clamshell containers

Theft secure packaging makes it difficult, or even impossible for the consumer to open the packaging in the store without using scissors or a knife. In store theft is a big issue, and many retailers request producers to pack their expensive products in theft secure packaging. Ecobliss offers many material combinations to achieve the desired protection level. A full plastic, sealed blister (clamshell) with an insert card will always give the required protection level.

Custom made clamshell packaging and from stock

Clamshell packaging is typically tailor-made. If you are looking for small(er) quantities, please visit our web shop to see the on stock variety of clamshell blisters and transparent folding boxes.

Clamshell Packaging advantages overview

Optimal communication

Optimal communication

  • Lots of room for printed communications
  • Product visibility can be extended to the back side of the packaging
Theft security

Theft secure

  • Impossible to open in store without scissors or knife

Tailor-made and on stock

  • Large volumes are tailor-made
  • Smaller volumes are available in our web shop

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