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Sustainable packaging solutions

Sustainable packaging is becoming a higher priority. Both consumers and brands are more aware of the impact of packaging waste in our environment. Ecobliss is determined to make a significant contribution in reducing packaging waste and using eco-friendly techniques to ensure sustainable packaging solutions.
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Recycled cardboards

What is sustainable packaging?

Packaging that over time reduces its environmental footprint is sustainable packaging. Ingredients, production process and reusability play important roles in this. When using recycled or raw materials that can easily be degraded over time, a significant step has been taken. At Ecobliss we use recycled cardboards for example. But also the adhesive being used to make sure all components are firmly welded together, is water-based in our cold seal technique.

But it doesn’t stop there. By essentially minimizing the production process or making sure energy consumption during the packaging process is reduced to the minimum, the sustainability is enhanced. And by default, a large portion of or packaging solutions stimulate the separation of components after opening the packaging and discard it for recycling. A growing number of packaging solutions don’t need separation anymore at all, because it’s all made from the same source material.

Sustainability awareness

Recent studies show that consumers tend to prioritize sustainability more and more when making buying decisions. That means that you, as a producer not only need to consider the sustainability of your product but also its packaging. In the years to come, the circular economy becomes more popular for all the obvious reasons. Studies also show that consumers are willing to pay more for products that deliver on sustainability claims. And again, packaging plays an integrate part in this because in essence it’s a temporary means to get products into the hands of the customer.

Cold seal the eco friendly statement

From eco-friendly to sustainable

Ecobliss proves packaging becomes more and more eco-friendly and even sustainable. By developing packaging solutions, backed by innovative techniques and components, Ecobliss enables its clients reduce the use of plastics and stimulate the recycling of eco-friendly materials. Ecobliss’ DNA ensures the drive towards more sustainability doesn’t stop. There’s always the drive to make solutions better, more efficient and greener.

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Sustainability is by no means a goal. It’s a growing mindset and a shared responsibility to continuously work toward solutions that decrease our footprint in the environment.
Ron Linssen, CEO of Ecobliss
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Cold seal

With the unique cold seal solution, used materials like highly recycled cardboard and water based, solvent free adhesive, you are able to make steps towards delivering more eco-friendly  products to your target groups. The sealing process itself is less energy consuming and setting the process is minimal; only the pressure parameter needs to be set which results in a minimal setup scrap.

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All-paper blisters

The mindset of enhancement for green packaging drives Ecobliss to make bold decisions.  Transparent blister cups are made from recycled PET materials. Can this material be replaced by something else? Currently Ecobliss is rolling out its newest innovative solution to offer clients an even more sustainable packaging. By developing all paper blister cups, that can be combined with cold sealing, a truly sustainable packaging solutions comes in play. All components can easily be recycled and the assembly process requires much less energy.

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Sustainability is no one size fits all

Are you paying attention to your customers buying intends? An attractive appearance or securing your product is not enough. Make sure you can meet sustainability claims with the packaging of your product. Ecobliss can help you along and offer the custom made solution you’re looking for.

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solar panels


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kg avoided CO2 emission per year
All paper blister packaging

All-paper packaging

  • No plastics used
  • Sustainable
  • High attention value
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Cold seal packaging

Cold seal packaging

  • Eco-friendly
  • High product visibility
  • High attention value
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Your packaging can be sustainable as well!

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