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  • ISO/EN 8317 and US16 CFR 1700.20 certified
  • Available in a range of sizes and applications
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More than two decades the smart source for retail blister packaging

Ecobliss is a leader in innovative blister and high-visibility packaging. Since its invention of the eco-friendly cold seal packaging technology, Ecobliss has grown to a multinational with separate divisions for retail packaging and pharmaceutical packaging.
Ecobliss main office

Creating effective retail blister packaging requires more know-how and experience than it may appear. There is more to it than a typical thermoformed blister bubble and a printed piece of board. Sustainability, cost, marketing and communication space, attractiveness, theft resistance, tamper evidence, shelf-space, un-pack experience are typical aspects that are taken into consideration.

Ecobliss expertly tailors the packaging to your product and market. Even at an early design phase, the packaging process is taken into consideration. Ecobliss does not only design and manufacture blister packaging components, but we can also provide packaging equipment, ranging from manually operated devices through fully automated packaging lines including outer boxing and palletization.

The increasing pressure on sustainable packaging makes Ecobliss your perfect partner for retail blister packaging. The Ecobliss cold seal blister packaging combines a maximum reduction of plastic components with the most sustainable packaging process where no heat is required. Additionally, the plastic and board components are not sealed together, so after opening there is always a full and completely clean material separation.

Portrait Ron Linssen
Invention cold seal technology
Ron Linssen, the founder of Ecobliss, developed, together with Professor G. Wouters, a new, innovative cold sealing technology for blister packaging. Since the introduction of this new, eco-friendly sealing technology, customers from many industries have changed their packaging to this simple, environmentally friendly and cost-effective method of packaging.
Online shopping for packaging
First webshop
Stock blisters are now quickly available online. Since then more than 10.000.000 blisters have been sold!
Rotary machine overview
Partnership Starview in Europe
With Starview Ecobliss has a strong partnership in Europe. Now there's the offer of an extensive range of packaging machines, especially for blister packaging. Whether manual, semi-automatic or fully automated, Ecobliss has the right equipment for your packaging job.
Thermoformed printed blister technology
Imagine it, and we at Ecobliss will print it! Using roll-to-roll offset or flexo printing, we can now create directly printed, 3D thermoformed blisters for specialized applications. A consistent, high-quality standard is maintained throughout the process.
Blisterwallet pushed back
Start commercial pharmaceutical packaging
The pharmaceutical industry demands the highest standards of performance. Ecobliss has already set the bar high for the retail market. It's only logical to take the experience new markets. The demand for quality, control and innovation is a perfect fit for Ecobliss!
L4K demo packaging
Introduction Locked4Kids
Innovation marks the development of Locked4Kids. Challenging the status quo is second nature to Ecobliss. So when the market for child resistant packaging is introduced with Locked4Kids, the reactions are unanimous. The impossible had been made possible; a carton box that is child resistant, yet adult friendly.
Quality control GMP
Start GMP packaging
The continuous innovations and enhancements in developing and producing the best packaging there is, stimulates the drive for GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices. It has been present at Ecobliss for years, but now it's formally implemented in the entire organization. A quality officer makes sure all systems and procedures are always compliant to GMP.

New technologies, products and services

Through the success of cold seal packaging, Ecobliss has become a known name in the market. During many years of successfully growing our cold seal technology we expanded our expertise with many new technologies, products and services. Slowly but surely Ecobliss has become synonymous with know-how and innovation in the specialized field of blister and high-visibility packaging. With many years of experience in development, design, production and logistics, Ecobliss is, today recognized to be the Smart Source for the entire scope of blister and high-visibility packaging.

Our network

From the development of the most effective packaging design, the production of the packaging components, the supply and configuration of the right equipment, the organizing of contract packagers, right up to the complete logistical operation, Ecobliss will make sure that everything falls into place.

Wherever you are, Ecobliss will make sure that our unique expertise will be provided in support of your needs for blister and high-visibility packaging. Our network of Ecobliss joint venture companies and business partners in Europe, Asia, North and South America provides a rich source of know-how and innovation close to you.

High standard of environmental responsibility

Ecobliss achieves a high standard of environmental responsibility while delivering top-quality, high-performance packaging. All Ecobliss’ packaging solutions can easily be recycled, and our production processes are highly energy-efficient and focused on minimizing postproduction waste.

Mission and vision

That's why we do what we do.
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Integral approach

Ecobliss, the Smart Source for your packaging challenges.
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Your packaging can be sustainable as well!

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