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  • Child resistant, senior friendly
  • ISO/EN 8317 and US16 CFR 1700.20 certified
  • Available in a range of sizes and applications
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Meet the team

Our team is fine blend of knowledge, experience and eagerness. They all have their mind set on two things: you and your packaging challenge. Can they get more satisfied, even when you are? As a matter of fact, yes. By not only providing you with the best solution, but also with an innovative and smart one. So challenge them!
Ron Linssen

Ron Linssen

Marijn van Utteren

Marijn van Utteren

Commercial director
Iwan Heynen

Iwan Heynen

Technical director
Wim Henk Stoppkotte

Wim Henk Stoppkotte

Commercial director
Experienced international Commercial Director with a demonstrated history of working in the packaging and containers industry. Skilled in Marketing Management, Product & Market Development, Analytical Skills, Coaching, and Sales.
Gianni Linssen

Gianni Linssen

New business developer
Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family combined with a completed International Business Study and up-to-date knowledge and experience with online marketing strategies makes Gianni the business development power for the future of Ecobliss.
Timo Kubbinga

Timo Kubbinga

New Business Developer
Timo's diverse background, having lived in the Netherlands, America, and China, along with his degree in Psychology, have shaped his understanding of consumer behavior. This multicultural experience is central to his effective communication and business development in Ecobliss.

100% customer-central,
1000% solution-central

The customer is king. Of course. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. But that isn't reached by only nodding 'yes' to the customer. Our customers are served best with packaging solutions that meet their needs and beyond. And that means that we will always be transparant and honest in telling what the best solution is for your packaging challenge. Even if we see things a bit different.

As experts in packaging, we believe it is in your best interest to sometimes propose another solution. Because we have a scope that reaches further. And you can be assured that this scope is totally fixed on getting the best packaging solution for you.

Mission and vision

That's why we do what we do.
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Integral approach

Ecobliss, the Smart Source for your packaging challenges.
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Your packaging can be sustainable as well!

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