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You inspire, we innovate

Have a look at some of the designs we have made for our customers. The starting point is always the briefing by the customer. It can be a straightforward ‘translation’ of the customer’s request into a packaging design. Often, we are challenged by the customer to come up with a design having additional features. And sometimes, we challenge our customers when proposing them a design that is beyond their expectations. Take a look at some cases.

Less is more

Ecobliss was challenged to recreate a free-standing packaging, reduce the plastic content and improve the communication space.

The original packaging consisted of a tri-fold thermoformed clamshell blister and a fold-over printed paper insert.

It was replaced with a smaller fold-over blister part combined with an Ecobliss cold seal card. A second, thinner gauge blister bubble, also used in other cold seal blister packaging used by the customer, makes the packaging more flexible for product variants. The plastic content was reduced by 60 percent in weight.

The effective communication area was increased.

Old and improved packaging
Old and improved packaging
Full carton packaging lip balm
Full carton packaging

Visually the same, but with a big difference

For some projects the objective is to not change any visual aspect, but to improve a packaging process.

In this case, a customer started out with a very manual process using a full carton retail packaging. It was a success, but the limitation of the packaging speed became an instant challenge. Moving from a pack using double sided tape to an Ecobliss cold seal packaging made production faster and more flexible. The eco conscious customer opted for recycled board. The lip balm holder (not produced by Ecobliss) is also made of board. Two thumbs up for this entrepreneur!

Thinking outside of the box

What do you do when a customer asks you to supply a form fill seal machine and transparent film because of a factory reallocation? You propose something they didn’t ask for.

Instead of following the question, we evaluated the range of packaging they used and came up with a packaging that would not only be more cost effective and more flexible, it would also set them ahead from the competition in the store shelves.

As opposed to the existing double sided transparent packaging with a boxed product and several inserts, Ecobliss proposed a printed, thermoformed packaging. A packaging with a reduced footprint and a reduced number of packaging components was proposed including a turnkey packaging solution with all required automation and equipment. All this in co-operation with a leading third-party logistics service provider. The customer improved shelf presentation gained flexibility and significantly reduced its total cost of ownership. Taking on a real challenge, yes we can!

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We use FSC cardboard whenever possible
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We use recycled materials whenever possible
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Our Cold Seal Adhesive is water-based
All paper blister packaging

All-paper packaging

  • No plastics used
  • Sustainable
  • High attention value
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Cold seal packaging

Cold seal packaging

  • Eco-friendly
  • High product visibility
  • High attention value
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