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  • ISO/EN 8317 and US16 CFR 1700.20 certified
  • Available in a range of sizes and applications
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The last piece of the puzzle

Get the best solutions

When you’re trying to solve a complex puzzle, there’s nothing more frustrating to discover towards the end that one piece is missing. Solving complex packaging challenges is no different. Ecobliss is the team that ensures the complete overview of the puzzle is set, from start to finish. And Ecobliss will make sure no pieces are missing, but that you get the right solution for your specific packaging challenge.

A critical approach is key in packaging

There are millions of products in the world that need packaging. And they all have different demands in terms of security, visual attraction, storage requirements and material properties to name a few. The combination of demands is endless and it takes a lot of decisions to get to a solid packaging solution. Besides experience, a critical stand is what it takes to get the best packaging solution. Ecobliss has not only the top view, but the bottom, side and x-ray view as well. Ecobliss is not reliant on one or two techniques, it doesn’t have a dependency on suppliers or source materials. The ability to take an independent stand and give the best possible advice for a packaging solution, specific to you and your product’s needs, is the very reason Ecobliss is one of the defining brands in the packaging business.

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Integral solutions for your challenge

The independent pivot places Ecobliss by no means outside of the playing field. On the contrary, when you start working with Ecobliss to tackle your packaging problem, Ecobliss very much becomes the part of the team. You’ll feel that you just added an internal packaging department to your business. Lines are short, communications are direct and processes are lean and mean. This is a consequence of our business model we call The Smart Source. Development, realisation and implementation are a powerful chain that drives packaging challenges to packaging solutions. And the model always works in service of your business.

Years of experience in packaging solutions

Ecobliss has built up its expertise from the ground up. By experimenting, innovating and sometimes hitting the wall, knowledge and creativity gradually became the foundations of the Ecobliss team. And that team consist of people that take responsibility for their views and actions. It is a team that has been attuned to each other for years. You’ll profit of their ideas in processing, materials and machines. It will take a lead in solving your specific packaging problem.

So, what will your solution be?

You have a packaging challenge that needs to be taken care of. Whether your product needs special care or an outstanding visual performance, Ecobliss thinks along. Do you need ideas to optimize your packaging process? Are you switching packaging materials to sustainable sources? Are your batches small or large and is time an essential factor? Ecobliss knows all these facets of the job and knows them by heart. Ecobliss is ready to give you good and reliable advice to custom fit the best possible packaging solution!

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kg avoided CO2 emission per year
All paper blister packaging

All-paper packaging

  • No plastics used
  • Sustainable
  • High attention value
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Cold seal packaging

Cold seal packaging

  • Eco-friendly
  • High product visibility
  • High attention value
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As custom as can be made!

We experiment, we innovate... Profit from our ideas in processing, materials and machines. We think outside of the box, to get your product into the best packaging solution .

Find out how we can help. Give us a call.

All paper blister packaging

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