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  • ISO/EN 8317 and US16 CFR 1700.20 certified
  • Available in a range of sizes and applications
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Heat Seal Packaging

Economical production with sustainable requirements in mind.
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Suited for a high volume and high-speed packaging process.
Icon shelf presentation
Highly visible shelf presentation
Minimal blister use, maximum product visibility and communication value.
Icon environmental friendly
Environmental-friendly materials
Water-based coating, recycled PET and recycled cartons.

Cost-effective sealing

Heat seal packaging can be either double carded with a blister cup clamped in between, or a single card where the blister cup is sealed directly against the card. This ensures a minimal use of materials, making it very economical to produce. Heat seal packaging can be used for high volume packaging where Ecobliss knows every step of the way to ensure perfect sealed products.
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Heat and pressure

For successful heat sealing of plastic-to-plastic it is of the utmost importance that the right type of plastic is used for making the blisters. Not all types of plastic are suitable for heat sealing. Depending on the design of the blisters, the tooling design is always a critical factor in getting the packaging process to run smoothly. Ecobliss is an expert in this field: both in the design and development of plastic-to-plastic blisters, in the choice of packaging equipment and in the gearing-up of production tooling.

Environmental-friendly materials

Theft secure packaging makes it difficult, or even impossible for the consumer to open the packaging in the store without using scissors or a knife. In store theft is a big issue, and many retailers request producers to pack their expensive products in theft secure packaging. Ecobliss offers many material combinations to achieve the desired protection level. A full plastic, sealed blister (clamshell) with an insert card will always give the required protection level.

Heat Seal Packaging advantages overview



  • Less materials, therefore economical production
  • Minimal setup scrap as there is only a single parameter (pressure)
  • Suited for high volume packaging
  • Full range of sealing equipment available, serving high volume demand
Environmental friendly


  • Highly recycled content cardboard can be used
  • 100% Post-consumer recycled plastic can be used
  • Plastic content can be reduced to a minimum
  • Ecobliss coatings are water based
  • Full and contamination free material separation when opening the packaging
  • After opening, separate components can be recycled
Shelf customer experience

Shelf presentation and consumer experience

  • Optimised shelf presentation due to plastic content reduction
  • Maximised communication area as the entire board surface can be printed
  • Printing continues behind the product even though the card is printed single sided only
  • Product visibility can be extended to the back side of the packaging
  • Various easy opening possibilities

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