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Blister packaging examples

Blister packaging

Sustainable, attractive, and protective packaging for your products
  • Shelf appeal

Make your products stand out on the shelf with eye-catching blister packaging

  • Eco-friendly

By providing an efficient packing process and reduced materials, Ecobliss Retail supports sustainable packaging

  • Transparency

A transparent packaging process AND transparent packaging for customers to see your product

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Opt for sustainable, attractive and protective blister packaging that suits your products. If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.

Boost your sales with blister packaging

Elevate your brand's value and increase sales by choosing the right blister packaging. Ecobliss Retail partners with you to create the perfect blend of product safety, sustainability, and shelf appeal. With a wide range of innovative designs, you no longer need to choose between sustainability and a luxurious look – Ecobliss Retail offers the best of both worlds!

Sustainable blister packaging

Nowadays, it becomes increasingly important to reduce our environmental impact on the world. It is well known that less material means less environmental impact, but it is still too often not implemented in practice. Which is odd, considering most of the time a reduction in the amount of materials means a reduction in costs as well. Ecobliss Retail has five clear ways of making sure the impact is as small as possible for blister packaging.

  1. Ecobliss Retail always considers the ideal dimensions for the packaging components, while making sure the package integrity is not compromised.
  2. If blister card packaging can be reduced in size, Ecobliss Retail makes sure this happens with the laws and regulations in mind, which is always communicated to the client.
  3. Not only a reduction in size ensures less material required, so does recycling. Ecobliss Retail tries to utilize recycled materials in blister packaging as much as possible - such as paper blister packaging.
  4. Seal blister cards using pressure only with our cold seal technology, saving energy and reducing setup scrap I comparison to heat seal solutions.
  5. Ecobliss Retail offers water-based cold seal adhesives, which are eco-friendly.

Protect your product with blister packaging

Modern blister card packaging offers enhanced theft resistance. For products requiring additional protection, clamshell packaging provides a secure solution. Clamshell packaging is difficult to open without scissors or a knife, making it a theft deterrent.

Why cold seal blister packaging?

Ecobliss Retail offers a variety of cold seal blister card packaging options to suit your product and enhance your brand. From multi panel to freestanding to easy opening, we have the perfect cold seal blister packaging solution for you.

Eco-Friendly Cold Seal Packaging

  • Sustainable and efficient
  • Minimal plastic usage, with post-consumer recycled PET and recycled board materials
  • Fully recyclable components, with contamination-free material separation
  • Water-based, solvent-free adhesive

Easy and Scalable Cold Seal Packaging Process

  • Pressure-only sealing, making it simple, efficient, and reliable
  • Fast set-up with minimal spoilage
  • Suitable for various production volumes, with a range of manual to fully automated equipment

Functional Cold Seal Packaging

  • Additional features like freestanding packaging, dispenser function, and multi-panel packaging
  • Guided development and implementation support from Ecobliss

Cold Seal Packaging with Security Features

  • Effective anti-theft protection through security tags
  • Theft-secure packaging for optimal store security

Aesthetically Appealing Cold Seal Packaging

  • Outstanding shelf presentation and consumer experience
  • Enhanced design possibilities, such as easy opening, double-sided visibility, and maximized communication area on board surfaces

Cold seal blister packaging offers a sustainable, easy-to-use, scalable, and versatile solution for various packaging needs, with the possibility of added security and aesthetic features.

Choose the right blister packaging

Choose the right blister packaging

Boost brand's value and increase sales. Ecobliss Retail partners with you to create the perfect blend of product safety, sustainability, and shelf appeal.
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