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Paper blister packaging

Paper blister packaging

Meeting the needs for packaging with sustainable components.

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Would you like to combine materials, colours and structures? Ecobliss Retail is eager to help you find the perfect packaging!

What is paper blister packaging?

Paper blister packaging is a type of packaging that solely consists of paper components: the back is made from paper, as well as the blister component. Paper blister packaging can be both cold seal packaging and heat seal packaging. Using heat sealing, the paper cup will be attached on top of the paperboard for a strong hold. With cold sealing, the paper cup will be clammed between two layers of carton, offering an even more robust and theft resistant packaging than heat seal. Both cold sealing and heat sealing can offer a high production speed, which makes blister paper packaging very economical and easy to incorporate in your packaging process.

Different types of paper blister packaging

Ecobliss Retail offers different variants of the paper blister packaging.

Paper blister with security tag

One of the types of blisters is the plastic-free alternative blister that includes a security tag. It is an effective anti-theft protection packaging, which Ecobliss offers including RFID, AM and EM security tags.

Paper blister free standing

This free standing blister of paper is the best of both: you can either choose to display the product hanging or freestanding on the shop self. There are various designs that could be used for this free standing paper packaging.

Paper blister with an easy opening

Lastly, we offer the paper blister with an easy opening. It is a design that one can open effortlessly, without using a pair of scissors or knife. This type of design can be used for unlimited products, think of batteries, tapes, automotive lamps, spark plugs, LED and energy saving lamps. The blister in paper will offer a convenient usage for customers; they can forget about the prior unpleasant and difficult manner of opening a packaging.

Advantages of blister paper packaging

The blister paper packaging is a sustainable alternative to traditional blister packaging, which typically consists of a plastic blister affixed to a paper back. Its main advantage of this packaging is that it does not include any plastic, as it completely consists of virgin or recycled carton. Read more about the specific advantages and challenges of carton packaging.

As a result, this paper blister lacks some transparency. However, there are various options for printing on the paper blister, as well as cut-out options to showcase the product. Additionally, there are several easy-opening possibilities. The blister paper packaging will become an eye-catching feature, enhancing the product's selling power.

Why opt for Ecobliss Retail?

Are you excited to learn more about the paper blister packaging and the wide range of possibilities it offers? Ecobliss Retail wants to focus on the sustainable production of packaging, but also the customization for each business. As such, there is a lot to choose from. Material properties can be combined, as well as the colour, structure and texture using the limitless possibilities of our blister packaging machines. All of these are crucial elements that play a role in how to set your product in the spotlights for your target group.

Sustainable alternative to traditional blister packaging

Sustainable alternative to traditional blister packaging

The paper blister packaging is the solution if you are looking for a sustainable and eye-catching packaging!
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