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Blister card

The eco-friendly, personalised packaging solution for you
A collection of blister cards

What is a blister card?

A blister card is essentially the backbone of blister packaging, because when a blistercard is combined with the blister you have a complete packaged product that is practical and aesthetically pleasing. Blister cards are customisable in shape and design, meaning you are able to provide your customers with a packaging solution that not only appeals to them visually, but is also very user-friendly.

Types of blister cards

There are different types of blister cards available. The different types work with different ways of sealing and are all customisable. Let us explain the blistercard types so you can choose which type is the right fit for the packaging of your products.

Single heat seal blister cards

A single blister card is exactly what the name suggests: a single piece of board that is assembled behind the blister. The blister card can be designed in any desired shape and the branding can be printed on one or both sides, because the blister is transparent. This could be useful if, for example, you would like to use the back for instructions or additional information. The board is coated with a layer of heat seal coating for a smooth bond of the blister and blister card. One of the many benefits of the Ecobliss Retail blister cards is that it is possible to apply a line of perforation behind the blister, for easy access to the product.

Fold over blister cards

Another type of blister card is the fold over blister card. Folding is the key term here, as this type of blister card is made up of a folding paperboard that has a cut-out in the centre of the board on the front. By sealing the folded paperboard together, it will enclose the protective plastic blister, which holds your product. Your product will be visible, yet well protected. It is possible to choose either cold seal or heat seal for the fold-over blister cards. Besides the previously mentioned perforation on the back of the blister card, it is also possible to make the card completely tear resistant by applying a special coating. Thus ensuring theft resistance.

By integrating fold-over blister cards with our cold seal technology, we offer a cost-effective solution to seal packages with a small initial investment. Our jiggle roller, which is our smallest packaging equipment, can seal small volumes with ease as it only requires manual pressure. This makes it highly user-friendly.

A great advantage with this type of blistercard is that only one side of the card will require a design printed on it, because the other side is not visible after folding. Another great option fold-over blister cards offer is the dispenser function. This function ensures that the products in the blister stays packaged properly even after a few are removed from the package. How it works? Easy, by removing the tear-off strip (which provides tamper evidence) and either sliding or rotating the blister, so you can remove the portion that you need. After rotating or sliding back the blister, the rest of the product stays well-preserved.

Front & back blister cards

The front & back blister card is similar to the fold-over blister card, because it also has a front that has a cut-out where the blister holding the product will be placed. The difference is that the front & back blister card consists of two separate boards. With this type of blister card it is possible to choose the design, shape and size of the blistercard and the blister that goes with it. For the packaging design you can choose a distinctive finishing that perfectly suits your branding requirements. You can pick any colour, your favourite finish (whether it is matt or glossy) and even a holographic design. The front & back blister card offers the same advantages as the other types of blister cards, like perforation for easy access or a strengthening layer for theft resistance. Besides personalising them completely, these blister cards offer additional features such as making them freestanding or double-sided, or adding the rotating or sliding dispenser function.

Cold seal blister cards

Cold seal blister cards are the ideal combination of practicality and aesthetics in packaging. It utilizes our innovative cold seal technology, which is applied to two sides of the carton, allowing them to be sealed together without the need for heat. This results in an eco-friendly, user-friendly, and visually appealing packaging product that can be customized to suit your brand’s unique requirements.

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