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clamshell containers

Clamshell containers

Provide a full view of your product, without compromising on safe packaging, with clear clamshell containers!

Reusable containers

Clamshell containers can easily be reused and reclosed, making it a sustainable form of packaging

Protected product

Your product is safe and secure inside the container, because it is fully enclosed

Simple and effective

The plastic clamshell containers are easy to stack and require no separation of waste

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What are clamshell containers?

When we talk about clamshell containers, we mean clamshell plastic containers that consist of two halves that are joined together, creating a one-piece clamshell. These can be reused and reclosed. Because of a secure seal, the clamshell container keeps your product safe. Using the thermoforming packaging technique, the clamshell containers are formed in a machine. What the thermoforming machine does, is basically heat a plastic sheet, place this onto a mold with the design you chose, and form with the help of a vacuum and pressurised air. After trimming, your plastic clamshell container is ready to be used.

Why choose plastic clamshell containers?

The fact that the clamshell plastic containers are made out of a single sheet of plastic means there is very little waste. Recycling is also quite easy, since no separation of waste is needed. That alone is reason enough to choose clamshell containers for your product. But what is also very convenient is that the two halves of the plastic clamshell containers are joined together by a hinge area, helping the container come together, so it can properly close and stay closed. Another advantage is that after opening, you cannot lose one of the halves, because they are connected. This ensures that people are always able to reclose it and not risk losing the product inside. They can be used for all kinds of products and can be adjusted to your packaging needs.

Clear clamshell containers for your products

As mentioned, clear clamshell containers make sure your product is completely visible, yet perfectly contained and safe. Ecobliss Retail offers different options for your clamshell containers, fully customised to your packaging needs. Whether you need large volumes or smaller volumes, everything is possible. If you are unsure about what we can do for you, please feel free to contact us. Ecobliss Retail is there for you every step of the way, throughout the whole process. We therefore know exactly what goes on during the manufacturing of the clear clamshell containers and can provide you all necessary information.

Clear clamshell containers

Clear clamshell containers

Perfect solution if you are looking for visible, contained and safe packaging.
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