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molded pulp packaging

Molded pulp packaging

The sustainable, strong and customizable packaging solution.

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What is a molded pulp packaging?

A molded pulp packaging – also referred to as molded fibre packaging – is a type of packaging material that is made from recycled paper products, for instance newsprint, cardboard and other paper-based materials. The manufacturing process of pulp packaging starts with mixing paper fibres and water, which then can be formed into specific shapes and sizes using a mold. Afterward, the mold is dried and hardened, resulting into a lightweight and eco-friendly packaging material that can be used for a wide range of applications.

What is molded pulp packaging used for?

One of the components we use at Ecobliss Retail is the molded pulp packaging. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including protecting and transporting products. Some common uses of molded pulp packaging include:

  • Food packaging: molded pulp packaging can be used to make trays, plates, bowls and other food storages. In daily life, you could recognize it as egg cartons and fast-food packaging.
  • Electronic packaging: it is an excellent choice for packaging electronics because it provides great protection for components.
  • Consumer goods packaging: a variety of consumer good, such as toys, cosmetics and personal care products, are perfect to be packed in molded pulp.
  • Medical packaging: molded pulp can be used to package and transport medical devices and supplies, such as syringes and diagnostic tests.

The benefits of fibre pulp packaging

The molded pulp packaging is a modern packaging material that is used across different industries. In this section, we will briefly list the most important benefits of this type of packaging.

Sustainable pulp packaging

Molded pulp packaging is a sustainable alternative to traditional packaging materials. This traditional packaging, that is mostly made from plastic, causes the most pressing environmental issues. Research shows that plastic is polluting our waters and wildlife, which also negatively impacts human health. This world-wide problem has helped to push the demand for fibre pulp packaging. It is a material that can easily be recycled after its useful life: over the years, from 1960 to 2018, the recycling rates have grown from 17 percent to 68 percent.

Pulp packaging can be personalized

As this packaging type is made from recycled paper, cardboard or other fibrous materials and then molded into the desired shape, it can easily be formed to wish. It is a strong, lightweight and biodegradable product, suitable for every type of output. Not only is it affordable, but also highly versatile, which makes it usable for creative packaging. Choose your own packaging design, and our machines will create the complex three-dimensional shapes. Sharp angles are, however, not feasible: our molded pulp packaging always has rounded corners due to the forming and pressing tools of the molding machine. This does create a smoother and more stylish looking packaging.

Protective packaging

Next to the visual advantage of molded pulp packaging, it is also a strong and protective type of packaging. Not only beneficial for the customer, but also useful when being transported: it can be subjected to various impacts, drops and vibrations. The protective molded pulp packaging will help to absorb these forces and prevent damage to the product.

Ecobliss’ molded pulp packaging

Overall, it is a sustainable option for businesses opting that are looking into more sustainable packaging options. An attractive design is not enough: make sure you can meet sustainability claims with the packaging of your products. Ecobliss’ team is eager to help you and offer the custom-made solution you are looking for! Feel free to get in touch with Ecobliss Retail.

Sustainable packaging solution

Sustainable packaging solution

Ecobliss Retail offers a lightweight and eco-friendly packaging material that can be used for a wide range of applications.
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