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All-paper Packaging

Meeting the needs for packaging with sustainable components.
Icon eco-friendly
Sustainable to the max
All components are from recycled source materials.
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Tooling and process can be straightforward.
Icon versatile
Product presentation can be done in many ways.

The sustainable packaging solution

Ecobliss all-paper packaging goes even further than cold seal packaging in terms of sustainability. By replacing the PET blister component by a paper component, the properties of the packaging remain largely the same. Your product is still being kept safely in place. It still had a lot of selling power and maybe it appeals even more to certain target groups, because they see that plastics are not being used anymore. However, it’s easier said than done. To ensure protection, visibility and product process efficiency with all paper materials, the supporting materials and process require vast packaging knowledge and experience.

All-paper blister packaging takes cold sealing a step further

With cold seal packaging Ecobliss has established a significant sustainable packaging solution in its core by giving the opportunity to the customer to separate packaging components for recycling. In addition to this, materials and processes that aren’t visible like glue and energy to compose the packaging are also eco-friendly. All adhesive is water-based and the energy needed to seal components together is much less compared to other packaging processes. So a sustainable solution like cold seal packaging is a perfect base to take sustainable packaging to the next level.

The challenge of blister cups

The packaging part that was up for change was the transparent blister cup. Of course, mostly it is made from recycled PET material, but it’s still PET which needed to be separated and recycled again. By replacing the PET blister cup and exchanging it for the same material as the blister card, Ecobliss managed to strike two birds with one stone. Now, the cup itself is not only eco-friendly, but by making it out of the same source material as the blister card, there is no effort needed anymore to separate packaging components for recycling. This makes a huge impact. The ease of disposing a packaging the right way has been enhanced enormously.

From transparency to visibility

One of the main advantages of a PET blister is its transparency. Paper lacks this property, but it has advantages of its own… Various cut outs can be realized to show your product. And the options to print on the all paper blister are enormous. Selling power can be maintained and even enhanced!

Cold, heat… It all comes together

Sealing packaging components with cold seal has, besides the sustainable advantages, more to offer. In processing, the tooling can be fairly simple, so costs are maintained. With cold sealing the all paper blister cup with the product gets entrapped between to blister cards. It gives the packaged product a distinctive and solid look and feel. Borders and cutouts are tight, traces of glue are invisible.

But there are more possibilities! The alle paper blister cup can also be directly mounted to the paper blister card. That’s where another technique comes into play. With heat-sealing the all paper cup get placed directly on top of the card for a strong hold. Heat sealing offers a high production speed as well, so all paper blister packaging combined with heat sealing can be very economical.

Whether you need cold sealing, heat sealing or even both, Ecobliss offers machines that can be set to handle both options.

Recycled source materials

Since recycled paper is now the source for blister card and blister cup, there’s a lot to choose from. Material properties that influence the strength of the packaging, but also color, structure and texture play a role in how your product is set in the spotlights before your target group. It makes a visible and invisible contribution. You decide if the source material is from a recycled source or comes with an FSC certification for instance. This way you determine how sustainable your packaging is!

All-Paper packaging advantages overview

Source material for recycled paper

Sustainable to the max

  • Highly recycled blister cup and cardboard can be used
  • 100% recycled paper can be used
  • Can be fully free of plastic films
  • If used, Ecobliss cold seal adhesive is water based and solvent free
  • After opening components can be recycled in one stream
Energy efficient

Straightforward packaging process

  • Just one source material
  • Single parameter allows simple and low-cost equipment for small volume
  • Full range of sealing equipment available, serving high volume demand as well
  • Less energy consuming sealing process when used in combination with cold sealing
All paper blister packaging of lip balm

Versatile presentation and consumer experience

  • Creative shelf presentation by using different materials, cutouts and print
  • Maximized communication area as the entire board surface and blister cup can be printed
  • Various easy opening possibilities

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