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Leaflet printing

All the information you need, inside your product packaging

As graphic designer and printing specialist, Ecobliss Retail can also design and print all leaflets that should be inside the packaging of your product. Leaflet printing can be useful when you have, for example, manuals and instructions, warranty leaflets, product booklets or printed cards that you want to include in your package, to share it with the consumer. And even if the space in the packaging is limited and everything needs to be as compact and dense as possible, we will find a suitable position to place your printed leaflet inside the package. After all, at Ecobliss we like a challenge!

Printed leaflet

Providing additional information for your product can be necessary, which is why we can help you find the perfect leaflet, printed, that easily fits inside your package. After all, leaflet printing can be implemented, even when you have special packaging. There are three different types of packaging for which we offer a leaflet printed with information: clamshell packaging, carton packaging and child resistant packaging. Let us explain how it works.

Clamshell packaging

Clamshell packaging is a form of blister packaging that provides special protection and high theft resistance. There are a few different functionalities, most of which have room for a printed leaflet, despite the relatively small size of the package. According to the type of leaflet printing you are looking for, we can help you choose the right type of clamshell blister packaging for your leaflet.

Carton Packaging

When we talk about carton packaging, we mean a sustainable alternative to the standard, plastic type of packaging. Carton packaging is made completely out of cardboard. This means there is no need to separate the waste, as it consists of just one element. The product is mainly made out of recycled paper and is customizable in both design, choice of material, and, of course, leaflet printing. A printed leaflet can fit inside the carton package very well. How it can fit the best, without taking up too much space, is something we can help with. We can adapt the leaflet, printed with your information, to your packaging and discuss all the possibilities with you.

Child resistant packaging

Child resistant packaging might be one of the most important types of packaging when it comes to the need for clear information. These packages often contain products that should not be accessible to children, making it products that could use some extra information, other than information on the packaging itself. In this case, leaflet printing is the right option for you. Just like with the other types of packaging, we will find the best solution for the printed leaflet to properly fit inside the package.

Let Ecobliss Retail help you get your leaflet printed

With our creativity and knowledge of materials, printing processes and folding techniques, we will make the desired printed leaflets for you. But it goes without saying that you can also leave the design of your complete packaging to us. Ecobliss Retail is there for you, every step of the way, to provide you with all the necessary service and information. Whatever your packaging needs are, we are the right partner for you! Feel free to contact us.

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