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Paper blister cups

Eco-friendly alternative to PET blisters

Blister cups are typically made of PET. As a company, have you already decided to take a more sustainable path with your packaging? Then you quickly end up with a desire to have packaging that is completely made of paperboard cardboard (all paper packaging). This is possible by replacing the PET blister by an all-paper blister. This blister cup is made of the same material as the blister card. Cardboard is not only more environmentally friendly to make, but it is also much easier to dispose of for recycling, without having to separate different components.

At Ecobliss we specialize in developing sustainable packaging, taking very good account of aspects such as manufacturability, circulation and packaging speed. Do you want to replace one or more plastic components with cardboard components without losing the full visibility of your product in the packaging? We challenge you to challenge us for a solution!

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