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Home & Garden

Designed in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way

Products in the home & garden business are sold in a large variety of packaging such as bags, sags, boxes, pots, etc. It’s a "green" business and the packaging for the various products is often expected to be designed in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. Garden stores are often segmented in store sections specialized in, for example, garden plants, garden furniture, garden machines and tools, barbecue, sometimes small animals, ponds, etc. In each section you’ll find shelf presentations with accessories, complementary products, flower seeds, trendy new products for home or garden, etc.

Advantages of Ecobliss Retail packaging for the Home & Garden industry

These products deserve to be presented in an attractive way, and show, and perhaps explain, the actual product so that the consumer does not require the help of a salesperson. This is where blister and high visibility comes in. Well-designed packaging shows your product well and protects it at the same time.

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