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Food packaging

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Food packaging supplies play a crucial role in the modern food industry. Appropriate packaging is needed to ensure that food items remain of high quality from the point of production to the moment they reach consumers’ hands. Ecobliss Retail supplies a range of high-quality food packaging supplies.

Innovation in food packaging

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Ecobliss Retail. We are committed to staying at the forefront of the latest trends and advancements in food packaging. From intelligent packaging that can monitor and communicate the freshness of the food, to active packaging that can extend the shelf-life, we are constantly exploring new ways to deliver value to our customers. We also keep a close eye on developments in materials science. For instance, edible packaging made from food-grade materials is a promising area that could redefine sustainability in food packaging. Our in-house research and development team collaborates with industry experts, researchers, and innovators to keep our product portfolio fresh, relevant, and cutting-edge.

Importance of food packaging supplies

Both for consumers and food businesses, food packaging serves a multitude of purposes. It goes far beyond mere convenience of food products. Understanding the importance of food packaging provides valuable insights into the significant impact it has on various aspects of the food industry.

Protection and preservation

One of the primary functions of food packaging is to protect food items from external factors that can affect their quality and safety. By providing a protective shield, using primary (and secondary) packaging, it helps extend the shelf-life products, allowing them to reach customers in optimal condition.

Safety assurance

Besides the protection of the food items, food packaging supplies also gives the opportunity to share crucial information about ingredients, nutritional content, allergens, and proper handling instructions. Transparency of labelling will help consumers to make informed decisions, and avoid potential health risks.

Marketing and branding

Food packaging serves as a powerful marketing tool, which contributes to brand recognition and consumer engagement. Eye-catching designs, colours, and logo scan help products stand out on store shelves and attract consumer attention.

At Ecobliss Retail, we understand that the one-size-fits-all approach does not work when it comes to food packaging. Different food products have unique packaging needs based on their shape, size, composition, and shelf-life. Our blister packaging solutions are highly customisable to cater to these diverse requirements. Whether you need a compact package for individual servings of snacks or a larger, robust package for fresh produce, we have the capabilities to deliver. Our design team works closely with clients to create packaging that not only meets functional needs, but also aligns with their brand aesthetic. We offer a variety of materials, finishes, and printing options to bring your vision to life. With Ecobliss Retail, you have the freedom to customise every aspect of your food packaging, ensuring that it perfectly suits your product and resonates with your customers.


With growing concerns about sustainability, food packaging plays a crucial role in minimizing waste and promoting responsible practices. The development of eco-friendly food packaging supplies helps to reduce the environmental impact of the food industry.

Sustainability is a fundamental principle that guides our operations at Ecobliss Retail. We recognise the environmental impact of packaging waste and are committed to minimising it through innovative design and material choices. We actively explore and adopt eco-friendly materials such as bioplastics, recycled PET, and compostable materials for our blister packaging. Beyond material selection, we optimise our design processes to use less material without compromising product protection. We also participate in recycling initiatives and encourage our customers to recycle our packaging post-use. Through these measures, we aim to deliver high-quality food packaging solutions that are not just good for your product, but also good for the planet.

Ecobliss Retail food packaging

The most common type we supply for food packaging is blister packaging. The food industry is by far the biggest user of blister packaging. There is a good reason for this. Blisters are a very convenient way for retailers to package a large variety of fresh food, such as fruit, meat, bakery products, sweets, ice cream, etc. Blisters not only show the product well, but they also protect the food against damage during transport and handling. On top of that, blisters are lighter than for example glass or metal, and have good product protection properties.

Advantages of blister food packaging

Blisters are cost-effective and make it easy to adhere to strict hygiene demands, even for packing relatively inexpensive products. For packing chocolates, blisters are often used as interiors for luxury boxes. Sometimes it may be necessary to show your food product in a more distinctive way on the shop shelves.

Supply chain transparency

At Ecobliss Retail, we believe in conducting our business with the utmost transparency and integrity. This extends to our supply chain practices. We are committed to sourcing our materials responsibly, ensuring fair labor practices, and minimising our environmental footprint throughout our supply chain. We select our suppliers based on strict criteria that include their adherence to environmental and social standards. Our manufacturing processes are designed to be energy-efficient and produce minimal waste. We also provide our customers with clear information about the origin and journey of their packaging materials, from the sourcing of raw materials to the manufacturing and delivery of the final product. By being transparent about our supply chain, we aim to build trust with our customers and empower them to make informed choices.

Regulatory compliance in food packaging supplies

In the food industry, regulatory compliance is not just a legal necessity, it is a matter of consumer trust. At Ecobliss Retail, we take this responsibility very seriously. We ensure that our food packaging supplies solutions meet or exceed all applicable food safety and quality standards. Our compliance team stays updated with the latest regulatory changes and industry standards from agencies like the FDA, EU, and other international bodies. From selecting food-grade materials to maintaining hygienic manufacturing processes, we pay close attention to every step of our production process. We also provide full documentation and transparency in our compliance practices to give our customers peace of mind.

Struggling to find the right food packaging?

When choosing food packaging supplies, you want it to be attractive and food-safe. If you are in need of food packaging, Ecobliss Retail has favourable options for you to choose from. Each type of packaging comes in a wide variety of styles in order to meet your specific demands. These available options can make it challenging to find the right food packaging solution. That is why we encourage investing time and effort in this process. The experts of Ecobliss Retail are open to provide you guidance by conducting thorough research and supporting your requirements.

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